IT Equipment Relocation

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IT Equipment Relocation

Relocation is a perfect time to review existing hardware equipment and to consider the requirements for capacity, redundancy power supplies and cabling. Often server and other equipment, as well as critical, high-value infrastructure items such as servers, network equipment must be relocated.

We offer a cost effective full relocation service, asset management and computer audit solution that ensures the equipment infrastructure can be easily exported and maintained throughout the move minimising disruption giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

What is a data center relocation / migration? ​

A data center relocation is physically moving your current data centre storage equipment to a new location—either a different room within the current building, new physical address, or new data centre.

It is the process of transferring data between computer systems or between storage devices (regardless of location). A data centre migration minimises downtime for environments with strict SLAs and provides a quick, reliable back-out should the migration fail. Keeping your existing data centre running can provide you with a staging or disaster recovery site and a migration gives you off-line time to build and test the new environment.

What is involved in a data center migration?

Before the successful project you must consider the following:

How It Works

Should you wish to dispose of any computer or IT equipment our partner is registered with the Environment Agency for IT recycling and is one of only 44 companies in the world that hold Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) accreditation.

Our IT recycling process follows industry leading standards for data loss prevention which allows us to ensure your redundant computer equipment is disposed of in an environmentally, safe and secure way.

Whether clients are moving a single computer server or are considering a full data center migration, we have the ability to run projects from beginning to end, both large or small.


 “Our migration went smoothly and we went live in the new location as planned on the Monday morning. Thanks to the careful planning of Trust IT projects and estates teams, working in close partnership with Secure I.T. Environments, we were able to plan for the challenges of working on a tight timeline, while maintaining a COVID-safe working environment.”

Janette Leonard

Director of IT at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Our Approach

At Secure I.T. Environments, our team endeavour to cut the complexity of relocating highly sensitive and high value IT computer equipment. Working closely with our longstanding partner and project manager we are experts in the management and effective safe relocation of IT equipment.

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