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Modular Data Centres

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd provides scalable modular computer server facilities of any size from small four-cabinet server rooms to multi-storey modular data centres accommodating server systems with the flexibility to start small and expand over time.

The initial solution for any modular data centre requirement is that it can be deployed quickly including its environments without spending on speculative mechanical, power and cooling, thus providing management/future growth of computing with additional capacity for all computing needs delivered only when it is required.

What Is the Purpose of a Modular Data Centre?

Our modular room is a pre-engineered solution and offers a clean and fast modular construction process to any site and can be assembled internally or externally in an existing computing facility or other locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist.

The modular panel design can also be designed in a colour of your choice, externally clad or finished to blend in with any potential conservation environments or site areas that have free space available.

The prefabricated modular room panel system solution offers the highest possible protection to any site environment against physical security threats to any facility and meets industry standards BS476/ EN1047 and LPS1175 security ratings (optional).

How Does a Modular Data Centre Work?

Modular Panels are used to for the shell of the data centre facility which are lightweight, high strength, steel faced wall and ceiling panels with a fire rated ‘Pyrofoam’ or mineral wool core system that provides a high performance thermal barrier and provide quick links for jointing. Modular Panels simply lock together to form a protective enclosure that is quick and clean to build to any size.

The pre-finished modular panels for any facility require no decoration or maintenance. The modular system is independent of the existing structure and can be easily extended or relocated at any time with minimal cost.

Each modular panel is individually made to the required system size for the site with additional anti-cutting materials available to meet a wide range of certified forced attack standards. Tongue and groove edge profiles with cam-locking systems (pyrofoam system only) with sand steel cover strips increase the joint strength and integrity to the modular room panels and ceilings.

Speed of installation for a new site build or within an existing building A typical project from sales to deployment for a typical facility would be 12 weeks, including the mechanical and power infrastructure to include:- energy efficient power cooling, free cooling solutions, environmental monitoring of critical server equipment, fire suppression, flooring, power distribution unit monitoring, server cabinets, house critical systems in caged areas, power mechanical boards, power generator transfer switchboards, power energy monitoring distribution boards, structured cabling solutions, CCTV and Access Control,

Secure I.T.'s Modular Data Centres:

Benefits of Modular Data Centres

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Our experienced in-house data centre designers will discuss and focus on the new environment drivers, modular room requirements and any constraints for free that the project site may have. Future IT accommodation plans for the storage of critical servers will also be discussed to ensure that the appropriate energy-efficient mechanical & power electrical infrastructure expansion has been incorporated into any power or cooling system design for all your computing or server needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Modular data centres present a number of cost benefits in both cooling and power, particularly for new data centres builds. When starting from scratch, modular data centre systems allow you to start with the current environments needs and can then be scaled up or down as future server enterprise system needs arise. With a repeatable, standardised design, it is easy to match demand and scale to a mechanical and power infrastructure quickly.

The only limitations on scale for a modular data centre is the support infrastructure and available land. Another characteristic of scalability is the flexibility it grants by having modules that can be easily replaced when obsolete or if updated support server management technology is needed. This means organisations can forecast server technological changes very few months in advance. So, a cloud server data centres solution doesn’t have to take years to plan out. 

For businesses who search and do not have the space or budget for a full-blown server data centres a modular data centres is an ideal solution. Modular or edge data centres streamline the process and make it easy to search for a new site quickly and efficiently to get a data centres up and running. They often work with minimal space but maximum efficiency to quickly and easily launch a systems data centres. When determining whether to design a traditional server data centre or search for a modular data centre space, budget, systems rack density, power availability and more must be considered. 

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Discover More About Our Modular Data Centres

Secure I.T. Environments are delighted to annouce another Welsh NHS success with the completion of a new 41m² secondary data centre at the Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Hospital, part of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board(BCUHB), the largest health organisation in Wales, providing a full range of primary, community, mental health and acute hospital services for around 676,000 people. The hospital is currently undergoing a major redevelopment programme to generally modernise its existing buildings. This work included the need to establish a new energy efficient secondary data centre within the hospital building. Working in close conjunction with the onsite redevelopment principal contractor Laing O’Rourke, Secure I.T. designed, supplied and installed this new facility.

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