Modular Build Security Levels

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Modular Build Security Levels

The Secure I.T. Environments modular room panel system is available in a number of accredited LPS 1175 security ratings(SR) and is suitable for both secure data centre and containerised applications.

Most building materials – plasterboard, brick, block, and non-security-rated composite panels can be breached surprisingly easily. The LPS 1175 test stipulates the required toolset and minimum time at each security rating level to prevent forcible entry through a building element. This enables the user to decide on the level of threat and exposure time to their facility before intervention arrives.

Intended Protection Levels

SR 1: Opportunist attack by bodily force using minimal tools (e.g. screwdriver, knife, pliers, etc.).

SR 2: More determined opportunist attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage (e.g. SR1 tools plus bolt cutters, claw hammer, drill, etc.).

SR 3: Deliberately forced entry of protected premises using bodily force and a selection of attack options (e.g. SR2 tools plus short axe, chisels, crowbar, gas torch, etc.).

SR 4: Experience attempts at forced entry with higher tool levels (e.g. SR3 tools plus felling axe, sledgehammer, steel wedges, disc grinder, jigsaw, etc.).

SR 5: Serious attempts at forced entry with top-end battery power tools used by fire and rescue teams (e.g. SR4 tools plus circular saw and the awesome 750W reciprocating saw with specialist blades). This is a massive step up in protection level from SR4 – using state-of-the-art cutting tools. However, these tools are readily available to anybody with serious intent.


 “A data centre is considered the critical core of the business, so entrusting the critical fabric of its environment with a trusted partner was essential.  The expertise and guidance provided by Secure I.T. Environments was comforting, they had the knowledge and expertise to ensure the project was a resounding success.  The planning and implementation phases were executed with professionalism and quality, it was reassuring to know we had a trusted partner throughout this key project.”

Jon Cosson

Head of IT & CISO at JM Finn

How It Works

For a modular room panel construction, the test measures the time required to make a person-sized hole (minimum elliptical shape of 400mm x 225mm) as well as breaching the building fixing joints.

These tests are carried out by an accredited organisation with full knowledge of the product and its construction. Many initial trials are carried out to assess the best tools to use from the allowable toolset. The ratings are achieved by combinations of materials within the core. Ratings will be indicated in ‘as built’ drawings and certified by the independent LPCB ISO9001 audit process.

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