Power Supply Infrastructure

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Power Supply Infrastructure

The Secure I.T. Environments Ltd electrical team designs energy efficient integrated power solutions that are key to delivering the required availability and performance in today’s critical information technology environments. Our electrical design team will bring together all the electrical infrastructure from the utility (High Voltage) to Low Voltage, all associated switchgear through to standby and backup power supply systems, ensuring the most resilient and efficient power infrastructure is designed.

What Is Power Supply Infrastructure?

A resilient power supply infrastructure is essential to any data centre irrespective of whether it is for power, cooling, communications/server cabinets, lighting, generator, access control or CCTV. A resilient power supply should ensure client’s mission-critical facility is concurrently maintainable and risk-free in all aspects of the electrical design.

Therefore, an understanding of your business needs is vitally important when determining the right approach to any power infrastructure. This combined with our commitment to using innovative design, technologies and techniques mean that we are always endeavouring to push the limits of PUE and facility performance without compromising resiliency whatever the size or type of data centre project.

How It Works

Switchgear for data centres can be a standard type or bespoke for a specific performance application. In either case, the design must entail:


 “A datacentre is considered the critical core of the business, so entrusting the critical fabric of its environment with a trusted partner was essential.  The expertise and guidance provided by Secure I.T. Environments was comforting, they had the knowledge and expertise to ensure the project was a resounding success.  The planning and implementation phases were executed with professionalism and quality, it was reassuring to know we had a trusted partner throughput this key project.”

Jon Cosson

Head of IT & CISO at JM Finn

Built for You

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd has designed and installed data centre power solutions to include:

Case study

Secure I.T. Environments Completes Government Department Data Centre Deployment

The new Tier III (concurrently maintainable) data hall project included all civil and structural works including electrical; mechanical; fire detection and suppression; dropped ceiling; floor void; associated physical security works and any other equipment required to make a fully functional, efficient, and secure data hall that meets the client’s requirements and design intent.

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