About us

About Us

Why Choose Secure I.T. Environments Ltd

Clients commission Secure I.T. Environments Ltd because of our outstanding experience and innovative approach to data centre design and build. 

We have established an enviable relationship with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and proven performance and can always rely on professional assistance from its data design and project team.

Why us?

Why Choose Secure I.T. Environments?

Clients choose Secure I.T. Environments Ltd for their data centre projects due to our exceptional expertise and innovative methodologies.

Our reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and a track record of successful outcomes. This solid relationship with our clients is further reinforced by the consistent, professional support provided by our data design and project teams.

What We Do

Our Services

Our services focus on the provision of world-beating computer security and accommodation products for IT dependant organisations.

With the key emphasis on the physical security and energy efficiency of data centres and containerised data centres, we lead from the front by closely identifying and working with manufacturing partners who provide long term commitment to research and development in the IT support sector, ensuring that the most innovative and energy efficient solution is provided.

We have worked with a vast number of companies across a wide range of locations on projects of all shapes and sizes. Our varied customer base includes some of the biggest names in UK business and the public sector from healthcare organisations to universities, finance institutions, retail and telecoms companies. 

We provide a “Total Solution” for all their data centre, refurbishment and ModCel containerised edge security requirements.


Meet our experts

Jo-Anne Garvie

Commercial Director

Chris Wellfair

Projects Director