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ModCel & ModCelEdge

The ModCel & ModCelEdge containerised data centre designed and supplied by Secure I.T. Environments consists of a 100% bespoke total solution manufactured off-site delivering an innovative effective energy efficient and re-deployable containerised data centre facility.

What is the ModCel & ModCelEdge Containerised Data Centre ?​

In this intensive world with heavy data traffic, an edge data centre acts as a caching and data-aggregation point between users and any large data centre to ease overwhelming IT infrastructure loads. 

Following the growing applications of edge computing, containerised data centres are available with complete flexible power, UPS systems and cooling design, quick deployment and scalable capacity of the containerised data centre for complete implementation anywhere in the world. The all-in-one modular secure containerised data centre design not only provides one-stop shopping for our clients but also realises high system integration and reliability.

What are the benefits of a containerised data centre?

Free up space:

Using a containerised data centre may allow you to recoup valuable square footage in your buildings. Because they are weather resistant, containerised data centres can be designed and deployed outdoors or in underused spaces such as parking garages. They are usually designed with access doors at either end, so multiple containers can be stacked or positioned side by side.

Designed to be energy efficient

A Containerised data centre is designed for efficiency from the ground up. An efficient data centre limits ongoing operational costs, and the containerized data centre’s modular design, with its integrated power and cooling systems, minimizes infrastructure expenses and installation time frames.

Rapid deployment

The containerised data centre is a quick way to add additional capacity to your existing network and may be more cost-effective than expanding a traditional data centre.

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How it works

Built for you

The container solution built off-site can also be used as a complete self-contained primary or critical data centre, secondary disaster recovery facility and containerised secure hubs for wider or remote data centre solutions incorporating, raised access floor, UPS systems, efficient air conditioning cooling, Racks, electrical and mechanical infrastructures, access control and CCTV. The data centre container is available complete in single or multiple formats up to a height of 9m and scalable from 4 cabinets to 500 cabinets.

Containerised modular data centre solutions can form small data centres where they help resolve space, deployment time, build complexity and cost challenges. But the container is a very flexible data centre and depending on the internal container configuration can perform very well in high-density applications depending on your data centre needs.


With an ever-increasing reliance on ICT underpinning the Health Board’s wide-ranging clinical and business activity, it is strategically essential that we maintain fit-for-purpose data centre facilities to host the many and varied systems that exist in a modern NHS ICT infrastructure. From procurement through to completion, Secure I.T. proved to be an excellent partner, working closely at every stage with our lead engineers. Having dealt with many ICT suppliers over the years, working with SITE revealed a refreshing experience and approach to customer satisfaction and equally, pride in what they deliver.

Sion Jones

Head of Information & Communication Technology for the Health Board.

Our Approach

Our own approach to containerised data centre technology has led to the development of our ModCel and ModCelEdge bespoke container data centre solutions.  These bespoke self-contained data centres not only exhibit all of the characteristics of a traditional data centre – with the same performance – but the container is highly customisable.  These modular containerised data centres can be built off-site, rapidly deployed and re-deployed, including being transportable data centres globally as they conform to ISO container footprints.  This also means the bespoke container is fully insured by Lloyds of London.

Frequently asked questions:

Containerised datacentres are a new generation data center solution that is integrated to a container using traditional power distribution, cooling, and IT server technology.

They are specially applicable for mobile solutions, small and medium size enterprises. Compared to the old data centre solutions, container data centres consume 28% less power and therefore their maintenance and repairing costs are also less. They accommodate all the server systems within a standard 20,40 foot or bespoke range of container.

Since their installation and startup is much faster, container data centers are used more widely fort he service access. Flexible growth is possible with these mobile containers, and because they have a range end to end solutions, their support and management become more active.

Acclimatisation systems are designed to increase productivity and control resiliency. Prefabricated container data centers’ pretesting should be done. Furthermore with their easy installation process, it takes 80% less time to install the container data centers. Their PUE is decreased to 1.5 and assists the environment. With their easy maintenance management, container data centers help decrease company expenses by 30%.

Onsite Data Centres

Onsite data centres are housed directly within a company’s headquarters or campus. They are easy to access for maintenance and troubleshooting, and they can be upgraded and expanded as a business’ needs increase.

Onsite construction is simple because it takes place directly within an existing company building either by using traditional brickwork of modular data centre fire rated panels to form the perimeter of the facility. This direct access also gives a business complete design control over its data, which can help with security. Onsite data centres can be more expensive than alternative options and their requirements can overwhelm a building’s power supply services. Businesses will often choose to build data centers outside of their main operating centres to accommodate their server technology.

Colocation Facilities

Colocation facilities rent or lease space to several different companies to operate their data centres in. Colocation services have built-in environmental friendly systems, security equipment, and monitoring services that design and are shared by multiple different companies and their data solutions seamlessly.

For businesses that do not have an advanced IT department with a 24-hour maintenance call team, renting space in a colocation facility gives them the data centre services, support and contact they need without the significant personnel and equipment costs.

Wholesale Colocation Data Centers

Standard colocation modular data centres provide comprehensive data services to businesses on a small scale. Wholesale environmental colocation facilities are a slightly different project design in that they only provide space for businesses to set up their data centres in, rather than providing data centre equipment and monitoring themselves. Wholesale colocation modular data centres generally provide larger spaces than retail colocation facilities for organisations with significant project data needs.

Edge Data Centres

Unlike most data center facilities, edge data centres are difficult to define because they can take many different forms. Edge data centres are customisable by their very nature, as they are “built on the edge” of the end user and their existing systems.

One feature that is consistent across edge data centers is that they are fairly small and can be constructed or a container provided in almost any environment. They provide lower latency than traditional data centers but make up for this by being highly compact and customisable to the end user.

Edge data center construction takes place within facilities owned by the organisation that uses it, making it similar to onsite data centers. Although edge data centers are housed within the facility that uses them, they are usually managed by an offsite company or colocation.

Telecom Data Centers

Telecom data centers are owned and operated by telecommunications companies, such as BT, AT&T, and Verizon. They have very high connectivity and are usually used to drive content delivery, mobile services, and cloud services. Telecom data centers are usually installed and managed by the staff of the companies that own them.

Case study

Retail Company Containerised Data Centre

Selected for its track record in delivering energy efficient high quality data centre solutions, Secure I.T. Environments Ltd worked as a team with its retail client to develop the new energy efficient ModCel containerised data centre to ensure the resilience of the retailers logistical network which is entirely dependent on its I.T. Infrastructure and to meet the delivery requirements of its stores and customers, of which an area where failures can have a direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction. The highly competitive nature of the retail sector means retailers must do all they can to shore up their I.T. infrastructure, avoiding bottlenecks and points of critical failure in their supply chains.

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