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Cooling solutions


Cooling Solutions

We have experience in designing, delivering and operating a wide range of “Energy Efficienct” cooling solutions. Our consultative approach captures all business and technical drivers to ensure projects can be planned, managed and implemented to deliver the maximum benefit and value.


Industry drivers for modern computers, lowering cost and lowering carbon impact all contribute to the development of new ideas and approaches for dealing with the heat generated in data centres.

For new build projects, any design often includes the latest cooling technology. These designs take into consideration, not just efficiency and the impact on space but also performance, modularity, resilience and cost.

In existing facilities, the challenge is even greater when considering replacement and upgrade of your air conditioning system and the opportunity for improving data centre efficiency and performance is greatest in existing data centres when looking at the whole system in its entirety. This includes airflow, fans, AHUs, heat rejection and most importantly controls and with such an array of products, suppliers and various solutions, understanding the approach and options has never been harder.





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Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

With our vendor neutrality, it means that Secure I.T. Environments clients can be confident that we will propose a cooling solution specifically selected to match their needs and requirements.

Modular room cooling solutions

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