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Data centre build

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd New Build Data Centre Services covers design, build, equipment specification and procurement for any new data centre project. From greenfield data centre development to modular rooms and or containerised data centres, Secure I.T. Environments Ltd are industry leaders.

Existing Data Centres

Our existing Data Centre Services portfolio covers all areas from refurbishing a legacy data centre through to equipment refresh and complete facility optimisation. Our focus is on improving an existing environment to ensure, energy efficient performance gains, cost savings and total benefits to the business.

Professional services

Our Professional Services cover all aspects of the data centre. Whether it is site surveys, design and capacity planning through to implementation and commissioning. All our work is carried out by our in-house specialist data centre experts.

About us

Building Critical Infrastructure

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd is a UK-based international provider of secure data centre solutions. Our history of delivering high quality, innovative solutions to the NHS, Commercial, Education, Hosting, MoD and Retail sectors throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Europe provides a powerful combination for delivery excellence, management and expertise.

Our Clients

Clients commission Secure I.T. Environments Ltd because of our outstanding experience and innovative approach to data centre design and build. We have established an enviable relationship with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and proven performance and can always rely on professional assistance from its data design and project team.

Data Centres

NHS Data Centre Provider

With an established and proven approach to data centre design, build and construction, Secure IT Environments works closely with its clients to design their energy-efficient facilities by taking advantage of our expertise and continued learning. Fill in the form to get request more information.

Data Centres

ModCel & ModCelEdge Containerised Data Centre

The ModCel & ModCelEdge containerised data centre designed and supplied by Secure I.T. Environments consists of a 100% bespoke total solution manufactured off site delivering an innovative effective energy efficient and re-deployable containerised data centre facility.
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Sion Jones


With an ever-increasing reliance on ICT underpinning the Health Board’s wide-ranging clinical and business activity, it is strategically essential that we maintain fit-for-purpose data centre facilities to host the many and varied systems that exist in a modern NHS ICT infrastructure. From procurement through to completion, Secure I.T. proved to be an excellent partner, working closely at every stage with our lead engineers. Having dealt with many ICT suppliers over the years, working with SITE revealed a refreshing experience and approach to customer satisfaction and equally, pride in what they deliver.

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