Secure I.T. Environments Designs and Installs Micro Data Centre to Barnet Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Compact Micro Data Centre 3, improves reliability, and supports all ICU wards. 

15 June 2023 – London, UK – Secure I.T. Environments Ltd, one of the UK’s leading design and build companies for modular, containerised and micro data centres, has today announced the completion of a project for Barnet Hospital, designing, supplying and installing one of its custom 42U Micro Data Centre 3 data centres at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), supporting those wards.

The new edge micro data centre provides critical network services and communications for the operational side of the ICU, and includes passive air conditioning for up to a 12kW load. Designed to a high security specification, the cabinet is secure against access or damage by the general public, and will provide a new level of reliability over the previous data centre.

The micro DC took three days to install and involved the movement of equipment between old and new cabinets, structured cabling of the new cabinet, power supply installation, and testing.  Secure I.T. Environments will also be providing maintenance for the cooling system in the new data centre.

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments, said: “intensive care units can be one of the most challenging locations in a hospital to install a data centre – reliability and security are critical characteristics for any technology used.  Our micro data centre range not only meet that standard, but can handle high density applications with ease, and fit elegantly and quietly into any environment.”

The micro data centre cabinet is an all in one solution from Secure I.T. Environments incorporating 19” cabinets, cable management, cooling, UPS, power environmental monitoring and fire suppression – all within a single compact unit.  The range is available in several sizes, all designed to offer the best possible combination of flexibility, optimal functionality, performance and security to meet business needs and avoid the need for rooms full of data centre racks.  You can learn more by visiting:

About Secure I.T. Environments Ltd

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd is a UK company specialising in the design and build of energy efficient internal/external secure modular, containerised, and micro data centres, including mechanical and electrical infrastructure.  The company has established an enviable relationship with its clients based on trust and mutual respect by working as a team with the client and its project team.

The company offers a “Total Solutions Package” to the private, healthcare, education, and government sectors, as well as co-hosting companies in the UK and offshore, by way of design, implementation, and installation management services for projects from small stand-alone computer rooms to large public sector contracts and co-hosting locations. All rooms are designed to meet the latest test standards, now regarded as the benchmark standard for modular rooms being installed throughout the UK and Europe.

Secure I.T. Environments’ primary aim is to ensure that clients’ critical infrastructure components are protected against all external threats in a suitably protected modular room or ModCel containerised environment.  To this end the company has established long-standing partnerships with its manufacturers, who are at the forefront of R&D, to ensure the highest level of physical protection and energy efficiency is maintained. 

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