Secure I.T. Environments Designs and Installs Fire Suppression for  Seven New Rooms at Poole Hospital

840m3 of fire protection designed and installed as part of Poole Hospital new build project. 

3rd October 2023 – London, UK – Secure I.T. Environments Ltd, one of the UK’s leading design and build companies for modular, containerised and micro data centres, has today announced the completion of a project for Poole Hospital to provide seven switch and data centre rooms serving operating theatres with fire suppression, protecting a total room volume of 840m3.  The project has been part of Poole Hospital’s wider new build programme, which has 3,700 staff, working in partnership with TG Clarke.

The NOVEC fire suppression system, which was designed and installed by Secure I.T. Environments, included IG55 gas cylinders, combined fire extract and pressure relief vents, detectors, voice sounders, control panels, remote panels, back-up batteries, manual extinguisher release, and extinguishant hold off buttons. 

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments, said: “The reliance on technology in modern hospitals means that every comms room, data centre and cabinet needs to be protected by fire suppression.  Many of these rooms do not have staff in the regularly, making it all the more important that any fire risk is properly controlled.”

Similar works are now underway at Bournemouth Hospital, which like Poole Hospital, is part of University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust.

About Secure I.T. Environments Ltd

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd is a UK company specialising in the design and build of energy efficient internal/external secure modular, containerised, and micro data centres, including mechanical and electrical infrastructure.  The company has established an enviable relationship with its clients based on trust and mutual respect by working as a team with the client and its project team.

The company offers a “Total Solutions Package” to the private, healthcare, education, and government sectors, as well as co-hosting companies in the UK and offshore, by way of design, implementation, and installation management services for projects from small stand-alone computer rooms to large public sector contracts and co-hosting locations. All rooms are designed to meet the latest test standards, now regarded as the benchmark standard for modular rooms being installed throughout the UK and Europe.

Secure I.T. Environments’ primary aim is to ensure that clients’ critical infrastructure components are protected against all external threats in a suitably protected modular room or ModCel containerised environment.  To this end the company has established long-standing partnerships with its manufacturers, who are at the forefront of R&D, to ensure the highest level of physical protection and energy efficiency is maintained. 

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