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As we all adapt to trying to manage data centres remotely wherever possible, one area that is getting a lot of attention is cooling and more generally environmental control systems.  Uptime and business continuity are front of mind and nobody wants to be making unnecessary site visits, regardless of the sector you operate it.

Servers within data centres are working harder than ever due to increased traffic with remote working etc, so more heat is being generated and other concerns such as power overloading could prove to be a real issue for organisations.

Environmental and remote monitoring have a critical role to play in the current situation.

Think about the monitoring systems you use, and more specifically how they are configured.  It is important to check what they are monitoring and the conditions and parameters that will trigger automatic actions or alerts to staff. Are they tight enough, or in place at all?  Check alerts are going to the right people – it is more common than most would like to admit that someone that left the company two years ago, is still in the monitoring software.

It may be that you don’t have what you would consider effective solutions in place, but that doesn’t need to be a problem.  At Secure I.T. Environments, we have a range of power and environmental monitoring solutions that are designed for quite installation by a single operative.  For example, our PowerZook power sensor solution can be installed very quickly with no downtime to operations and provides alerts over SNMP to staff when needed.

All of our systems are designed to be straightforward to install, such as our interSeptor environmental monitoring system. This can be installed by a single operative and is operational in under an hour!

Our larger systems can help to monitor networks and quickly provide key personnel with key information and problems via Email, SMS and voice call.

If you have any questions about your current configurations, monitoring needs, or urgently need to install sensors, please do get in touch with us on or call 01983 885 182.  We can even supply solutions on a temporary basis.



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