8 Improvements To Increase the Effectiveness of Your Data Centre

Since few businesses can afford to replace their current data centre entirely, modernising your existing data centre may sometimes be an option.

Adopting data centre power monitoring is necessary for this, and it can now be done while allowing for regular, continuous IT operations without requiring a major re-fit. In addition, this will serve as a starting point from which investments in new technologies and gradual design modifications may be evaluated.

The following adjustments will help increase the effectiveness of your data centre.

Air Management

Blanking panels are an investment that minimises air leakage via voids within racks and lowers cooling loads by reducing recirculation.

Aisle Containment

Aisle containment has advantages that may be seen right once, including much lower cooling costs, higher space utilisation, rack densities, and a significantly less carbon footprint for the data centre.

Free Cooling

Install free cooling, either direct or indirect. Compared to conventional cooling expenditures, you might save up to 90%.

Temperature Management

The room (or cold aisle) temperature should be raised to 24 to 27 C. More people are beginning to understand this, but many data centre administrators still believe that their room should be kept at a temperature below 19 C.

Power Management

A key instrument in complete data centre management is power monitoring. Depending on the level of granularity needed, it may be done at various places. The view of the facility is increasingly detailed the closer it is to the rack-mounted equipment. The Metre Management Software (MS) is a highly effective data gathering, analytical, and reporting software package created to help IT and facilities staff monitor power usage in the data centre more effectively. How can you possibly manage if you don’t measure?

UPS Systems

In the case of a mains power breakdown, a UPS system powers essential IT equipment. With output power factors of 0.9 and, in certain circumstances, 1, new UPS devices are often more effective while operating online. This is because the IT equipment receives UPS’s clean, stable, and continuous power. However, UPS systems are used for more than just power security. Along with extending the life and functionality of pricey computer equipment, it also concerns your reputation and company continuity.


Utilising affordable, energy-efficient data centres and cabinet LED lighting will immediately enhance a data centre’s operations. LED lighting is more effective than fluorescent lighting since it uses less energy, is less expensive, and enhances functions. In addition, by raising the lux levels in a particular cabinet or region, an energy-efficient data centre light facilitates the installation of equipment in server and network racks.


Replace old, inefficient servers and storage with modern, high-efficiency hardware; for instance, use virtualization to boost the performance of the existing hardware.

All organisations depend on data centres, and occasionally it makes sense to upgrade or modernise your present data centre. Adopting data centre power monitoring is necessary for this, and it can now be done while allowing for regular, continuous IT operations without requiring a major re-fit.

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