The hottest July day on record!  5 easy steps to ensure your DC can handle the summer heat

25th July has been the hottest July day in the UK on record.  But in general, right now temperatures are going through the roof. For any DC manager it’s a nervous time, but there are simple changes that make your cooling systems more efficient and cope changing temperatures. Below are some easy low-cost ways to keep your data centre performance optimal for the summer that lays ahead.

  1. Perform regular maintenance
    Ensure your systems are regularly maintained to avoid critical system outages. Taking preventive measures to ensure your facility is running efficiently – can save you money in the long term.
  2. Optimize your thermal management strategy 
    Many Data Centres are fitted with intelligent EMS systems. Wireless sensors are dispersed throughout the data centre to monitor and control the thermal management systems. Knowing where the hotspots are situated will assist you to adjust the airflow and adapt to the changing room conditions.
  3. Use blanking panels 
    Simple, but effective way of controlling lost cold air flow within your data centre. This helps to prevent hot aisle air from mixing with the cold aisle air.
  4. Ensure your server capacity doesn’t exceed cooling capacity 
    As Data Centres expand over time, and server capacity increases, ensure your cooling demand can cope with the increased loads.
  5. Do some cable housekeeping 
    Eliminating unused cables and keeping them neat and tidy helps to increase plenum space and facilitate air flow.

For any more advise on preparing your data centre for the summer period please call our technical team on 01983 885182, or drop us a line at: [email protected] 

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